Baby Portraits

Baby’s first year is a beautiful time full of changes.  If you blink, you may miss them all!  Landgraf Photography makes it easy to capture all of the different stages through ‘Baby’s First Year’ portrait package that includes five sessions designed to capture the special MILESTONES and MEMORIES from your baby’s first year ~ Choose one or two to fit your needs or book all five up-front for a reduced rate * (helps you save a little more for all those diapers!)

1. Joyous Anticipation ~ Maternity session scheduled around the 32nd week of the pregnancy.  I’ll capture the emotions your family is feeling toward the upcoming addition to the group!

2. Bitty Baby ~ Newborn session scheduled during the first 2 weeks of baby’s life.  This session focuses on all the ‘little’ details so you can remember just how small and precious your baby was.

3.  All Smiles ~ Scheduled when baby can hold their head up on their own and pushes up when on their stomach to look around.  This is when their little personality is starting to develop and show and we’ll focus primarily on all those different facial expressions! For most babies, this session will occur around 4-5 months old.

4.  Up & At ‘Em ~ Baby should be sitting independently and may be starting to crawl and interact more with things around them.  For most babies, this will occur around 8 months old.

5.  Soooo Big! ~ Your baby has grown in to an explorer, an entertainer, and is so excited about new things around them.  At this one-year-old session, your baby will be standing either independently or by holding on to something and may even be taking their first steps.


Look a little different than the other photographers?  It is!  I prefer this timeline over the 0-3-6-9-12 month dates because, really, those are just numbers.  They don’t really focus on what your baby is doing and what makes them special to you.  My memories of my little ones aren’t of what they looked like at 3, 6 or 9 months.  Instead they are of when they first pushed up on all fours and started rocking, or the first time they crawled over to the coffee table and pulled themselves up, and when they took their first wobbly little steps towards me across the room!  This modified timeline will capture images of your child that will invoke these same beautiful memories as you look back on them for years to come!

*Book all five sessions and add your choice of a family session or ‘cake smash’ session at baby’s Sooo Big! appointment at a special rate.

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