Displaying Portraits in Your Home ~ Size Matters!

So you have some beautiful proofs from your portrait session and now you have the dubious task of deciding what to order.  Maybe some prints to give to family, probably an 8×10 for your wall, but is that the right size for your space?

Empty picture frames or a piece of paper cut to size can help you visualize how a larger portrait will look in your space!

When it comes to wall prints, I think if you love it, you should print it big:)  But that doesn’t fit everyone’s style.  So how do you know what size is best for your space?  There are a few different things to consider:  the existing furniture in the room, size of the wall itself, and what else will be hung near the photos.

If you are a client of Landgraf Photography, you can bring in a photo of your room and a couple reference measurements and I can help you with ideas for displaying your portraits at your portrait ordering appointment.  If you are not a client of Landgraf Photography (you should be!!  just kidding!! I have tips for you, too!)

If you are a paper and pencil kind of person, sketch out your wall to scale.  Then add your furniture to the drawing.  Next you can cut pieces of paper to scale in different portrait dimensions.  Place them on top of your drawing and see what you think of the proportions.  Take it off and try another cutout and another until you find one that you feel is pleasing.

Not an artist?  You can do this full-sized by cutting a piece of newspaper or old gift wrap to the actual size of the portrait you are considering and tape it to your wall.  Leave it up for a day or so and see how you feel about it after some time.  Did the size feel right for your space?  Did it feel overpowering when you walked in to the room?  Did it seem too small or out of place?

Proportion is important when considering what size portraits to hang in your home. Be sure they look good in the space and with the different sizes of furniture in the room.


I hope you take these suggestions and consider straying away from the old 8×10 and try out a new larger size image to show off your special portraits!










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