Evaluating & Comparing Wedding Photography Price Packages

So you’ve come home from your local bridal show with brochures from your favorite photographers. You chatted them up and they fit your style and you love their work. Now comes the time to see which one best fits your wedding budget. This can be a little tricky because rarely do photographers package and price their items in a way that makes your comparison apples to apples.
Here’s one way you can break things down to see just how much you will end up paying and compare them a little easer.

Step 1 – make a list down the left side of a piece of paper of everything you want and need from your photographer. Include parts of the day you want covered/amount of time you want them at your wedding and also the items you plan to purchase after the wedding. Leave some space at the bottom to add notes as you go.

Step 2 – write your potential photographer names across the top of the page

Step 3 – read through each photog’s brochure, pricing menu, contract, etc. to plug numbers in where they need to go. You may find some pieces you need clarifying. Give the photographer a call and chat with them until you fully understand what everything will cost.

Step 4 – total everything up. Look at your notes section and evaluate pros and cons of whatever you wrote there in addition to the final dollar amounts.


Your final decision may not hinge entirely on money. You may find that you need to eliminate one of your options because that photographer doesn’t offer an album and that is a must-have item for you. Or you could find that the photographer you thought was going to be the best bet actually charges an arm and a leg to travel to your wedding location.

Even if you have your photographer selection finalized it doesn’t hurt to go through this exercise so you have a good idea of what your final photo expenses will be. Photography is the unique wedding expense where not everything is due up-front. You need to be sure to budget for your prints and other purchases for after the big day!


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