Milestones & Memories-Documenting Baby’s First Year in Photographs

Babies are such tiny, precious things that grown & change so quickly.   Use these helpful tips and ideas for documenting your baby’s first year of growth in photographs that you can cherish for generations to come!

  • All the Little Things—ears, fingers, toes, hospital band
    • Use mom or dad’s hands to show just how teeny they are
    • Use a stuffed animal for size comparison and keep using the same animal throughout baby’s first year to show how fast they grew.
  • Interactions—with parent, with siblings, with their surroundings
    • Capture older siblings holding baby with someone’s help, show how they like to help hold the bottle or read a story to them. When baby is bigger, show siblings laying on the floor playing with baby—shaking the rattle or handing a ball to them.
    • Get parent shots too—holding baby, rocking them to sleep, feeding time, kisses, caressing, holding on to fingers.
  • Expressions—Baby will be giving you lots of different looks during their first year of growth. They won’t happen all at once but you will love having them all documented when they are older! Here are a few to watch for:
    • first smiles, coos and giggles, playing peek-a-boo
    • wailing & crying, grumpy or scrunching up their face when they don’t like something, that look right before they start balling,
    • surprised or puzzled, intent and observant,
    • drooling and that first teeny tooth
  • Moving & Grooving—Remember to pull that camera out every few weeks to document just how independent baby is getting.
    • When baby learns to roll over, pushes up on all fours, sits up, pulls up on furniture, takes steps holding hands, cruising around the table, those first wobbly steps toward mom or dad, and running around with no sign of slowing down!
  • Supper Time—Messy babies are cute babies and they make such fun facial expressions when they try new things!
    • Try to capture these moments: nursing, taking a bottle, those first experiences with baby rice, messy faces covered in smashed peas, spaghetti in the hair, birthday cake and frosting from ear to ear, trying to hold their own spoon.
  • Exploring—finding their toes and trying to eat them, what they do when they see themselves in a mirror, how they get excited when the family pet comes close, the first time they sit in the grass and it tickles their toes, favorite toys/books/blankie/pacifier, splashing in the bath tub, playing in the snow, splashing in the pool, feeling sand on their toes at the beach or at the park, riding in the stroller or wagon, the mischief they will inevitably get in to no matter how close you watch them!
  • Family—while it is fun documenting baby and all the changes they go through, be sure to take a picture of the whole family whenever you can too!
    • Around baby’s 1st birthday is a great time to shoot for a professional family portrait. Your baby will keep growing faster than you want so try to make time for a family portrait at least once per year so you won’t miss out on all those memories of when they were little!


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