Your Portrait Day ~ Keys to a Smooth Session!

You have already read and followed all the tips for planning before your session day (found here) ~ now it is on to the big day!

The most important thing to do is to relax!  When you are calm it will show through in your portraits.  If you have a family session, calm parents will help contribute to calm children too (I speak from experience here!)

Today is not the day to try a new hairstyle or new makeup.  Don’t throw a wrinkle in and schedule a big family outing before the session either.  It’s important to stick to what you are used to doing and things will work out a lot better.

Arrive to the studio or portrait location a few minutes early so you can sit down, get acquainted with the space, chat with the photographer a bit, check hair/makeup/clothes/etc.   If you packed a snack you can start with that to help the kids relax.  Good photo day snack ideas include clear juices like CapriSun or bottled water, plain crackers or graham crackers, or fruit snacks.  Avoid red juices, cheese coated crackers, chocolate, or candies that will stain tongues!

Be flexible if the weather doesn’t quite cooperate or something outside our control takes over.  You can plan ahead by grabbing an umbrella or two if the forecast has a chance of rain during your outdoor session.  You never know…a couple of umbrellas make great photo props and those images may be your favorite of the session because they were completely spontaneous!

Speak up if there are any special poses you wanted but haven’t done yet before the session is winding down.

After the session is over, plan to take a moment to sit down and chat about the next steps.  Understand the proofing timeline and order deadlines.  Also, take time to look at some of the product samples available at the studio and ask questions you may have.

More tips to come soon focused on helping you plan for your portrait ordering session!

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