Safety First with Baby Portraits

We’ve all seen them.  The adorable little baby photos on Pinterest with a couple month-old baby sitting in cute poses on top of something or hanging over the edge of a little bucket, tiny newborns sleeping with the hand on their chin and holding their head up in a thinking pose, naked babies sleeping in a little crochet hammock hanging from a stick…awww!   Who wouldn’t want to go right home or to their local photographer and say “I want my baby’s pose to be like THAT!”

That’s fine, but you should make sure that you and your photographer ALWAYS concentrate on your baby’s needs and put safety first!   Babies can not hold their head in those unnatural ways with their weak little necks.  So to get that shot, photographers use a tripod and shoot the scene a few different times, each one with mom or an assistant helping to hold the baby safely in position.  The first shot may be with mom’s hands on the left side, the next shot may be with mom’s hands on the right side, then they are edited to put the two together and eliminate mom’s hands using the computer.   Those bucket or basket shots need to be done carefully so the weight of baby won’t tip over the prop.  Put bricks or something else in the very bottom to help prevent that and never ever have mom more than an arms length away.  Even the smallest babies can surprise you with their movements!

When bringing your baby to Landgraf Photography, rest assured that all attention to your baby’s safety is at the forefront of the shots I design.  This adorable little girl was in the studio when she was around 6 months old.  She wasn’t the best at sitting up yet and we always made sure mom had a hand on her.  Then the arm was removed with Photoshop to get the adorable finished product.

Always have mom or an assistant holding baby to ensure that safety is the number one priority at your photo session!

So next time you see those adorable pictures on Pinterest, always consider your baby’s safety and first think through the safe way to capture that shot, then let your professional photographer and Photoshop do the rest!

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